Driving Courses Available:

This driving course is for pupils who want 1 or 2 hour lessons every week and want to take time to learn to drive.Suitable for the novice and nervous pupil. Available on pay as you go or block booking basis.

This driving course is for pupils who want 2 or 3 lessons a week lasting 1 and half to 2 hours per lessons.Suitable for pupils who have some experience of driving who may have passed theory or about to take it. Available on a pay as you go or block booking basis.

This driving course is for pupils who have driving experience, have passed theory test and need “polishing up”. The driving course is based around pupil having a test date or who want to pass in a short time. Typically having lessons everyday from monday with test on friday.Depending on test times which the school has no control over. Available on block booking basis

This is give pupils experience of driving on motorways at high speed, leaving, joining and overtaking on motorways which they have not experienced whilst learning to drive

Pass Plus

This is for pupils who have passed their test and want to gain more experience of driving on Motorways, Night driving, All-weather driving. This could be a benefit for cheaper car insurance (min of 6 hours) 

This is for people who need a confidence boost or have not driven for  along period of time and feel a few lessons to get them”back in driving mode”. Avaiable on a pay as you go or block booking basis 

Instructor Training

Have you ever thought about been your own boss? Work you own hours? Then have you ever thought about becoming a driving instructor?

We now offer in partnership with Adams Driver Training the opportunity to become an instructor.

For more information please contact Jon  


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